21 November 2014

Playlist: Expansions Radio on Base FM

Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
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Ari Lennox | La La La La
Krs. | So Close (Tom Misch bootleg)
Pazmal | Tal Vez
Khalil | Time For Bed (Guffstar x R.O.M edit)
Alicia Keys | U Don't Know My Name (Chloe Martini remix)
YK | Butter Coffee
Herzeloyde | Phanboy
Daktyl with Dive Deep | Stay
Tsvi | Malfunction (The LVX remix)
Brogan Bentley | Last Light
Neneh Cherry | Spit Three Times (DJ Spinn remix)
Tone Ra | Tired
Shawn J. Period | Places Everyone
One Self | Unfamiliar Places
Regal | The Village Calling
Pacific Heights with Mark Vanilau | The Show Is Over
Electric Wire Hustle | Chaser
Lamb | Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder and Dorfmeister remix)
Me&You | Last Night
Kabanjak | Mojo Hand
Recloose | Makutu Man
4Hero with Jack Davey | Take My Time
Mos Def | Beef (Sinh remix)
Elis Regina | Fotografia (Stan Forebee remix)
Sensi Sye | Endless Rain
Madlib | Washedbrainsyndrome (instrumental)
Nu Shooz | I Can't Wait (MCA Jazz Hop edit)

This show is available for streaming online right here.
A full archive of Expansions Radio shows can be found right here.

Knock yourself out.

And This... #2: Chloe Martini

Chloe Martini

I don't know a lot about Chloe Martini, and the little I do know is gathered from her soundcloud page. So now we're even.

The 21yr old Polish producer has put out a bunch of sideways remixes of folks like Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani, and they're worth a listen, but it's her own stuff which has really lit a fuse for me. Particularly this moody lil' beast below, 'Temptation'. Yeah, sure it's almost a year old and she has a new EP about to drop, but it's compelling stuff, and has really switched me onto the soulfulness that is sadly not often enough found in bass-heavy music.

How do you say 'that's awesome!' in Polish...?

19 November 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming on www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
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Tom Misch | The Journey
Clara La San | I Was Always Yours (NeguimBeats remix)
Grant Bowtie | Vivid
Trian Kayhatu | Suture
Da-P | The Hamptons
Lucia Scansetti | Dare (Sandro Jeeawock remix)
Highland | Don't Touch My Thigh
Gwen Stefani | Luxurious (Chloe Martini remix)
Kennedy Jones | The Art Of Love
Dpat and Atu | Nothing Here
Kashaka | Andruwoid
Bodi Bill | Hotel
Flexenbaum | Upper Echelon (Flexenbaum Jazz Flip)
Mercy | Just One Touch
Tek.lun | CLOX (5 Thirty)
Maxx Baer x KRNE | Cosmic Canyon
Xed | #Kolossus (Flexenbaum remix)
Jengi Beats | Lemon and Mint
Shagabond | Tuna Melt
Janet Jackson | That's The Way Love Goes (Virgule Tribute)
Enzalla | Archetype
FloFilz | Whirlwind
IshDARR | Second
Ota with Adi Dick | Ride On Home
Leonard Charles | The Look Of Love
JR Jarris | Bklynbobbi
Dexter Brandon | Up In The West
Chloe Martini | This Is For You
Ruff Draft x Flamingosis | Time.Less
S E L V S S E | Needs II
Submotion Orchestra | 2L84U

Full show available for streaming right here.
You'll find a full EXPANSIONS RADIO show archive here.

11 November 2014

And This... #1: Leonard Charles

Leonard Charles

And This... is a new thang where I'm going to highlight a tune, or an artist, or a label, or something or rather, that has caught my ear during the week. The idea is to update weekly. We'll see how we go with that. The intention's good, anyway.

First up, Leonard Charles, a side project of the multi-limbed Jeremy Toy. Created as an outlet for music made while healing from a cowardly king-hit outside an Auckland bar where he'd just finished performing, Leonard Charles' trip is all loose-limbed, funky-ass, head-nodding goodness, which you absolutely need to wrap your head around. Below is his version of 'The Look Of Love', and it's a stone cold classic.

I've always taken a keen interest in Jeremy's music; be it on his own as Ota, with the Opensouls band and with She's So Rad, or his forays into production, dude is one talented guy. It sucks hard when anyone is involved in an unprovoked assault, but it always seems to sting more when it happens to a real good fella.

Check out Leonard Charles on soundcloud here, or bandcamp here. Also take the time to visit She's So Rad's bandcamp page and website; and From The Crate Records' soundcloud page.

07 November 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming at www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


NeguimBeats | One Time
El. Train | Drop
Singularis | Rain
XXYYXX | Closer (Soundpalette flip)
Bleak Amethyst | Theseus (Dexter Brandon remix)
Fear Club | Nelly
Zephyr | Synthony
Daddy AOL | Fall Off
Maddslinky with Tawiah | Further Away
Rilla Force | Ruby Suns
Coleman | Islands (Joe Kay's Slowed edit)
Wrongtom meets Deemus J | Jump + Move + Rock
Yes King | Devil Inside
Josey Wales | Rasta People
Natural Numbers | Theme For King Richard
Rodney P with The People's Army and Mighty Moe | Live Up
Sleepin' Giantz | Raving Bully
Werkha | Lapwing
Titeknots | Hummingbirds
Broke One and Xavier Leon | One Hour Later (Monk' remix)
Elefo | Turned Me On
Zed Bias with Jenna G | FairPlay (Zed Bias Old Skool remix)
Earl P | Return Of The Sphere Dweller
R-ASH | Can I Get With You
Isaac Aesili with Iva Lamkum | Chemistry
Leonard Charles | Got 'Til It's Gone
Ducky | To The Water
Jeff Fressco | It Ain't No Shuffle
Deep Shoq | No Traffic
Yoin | Werk Life
Aurelius | So Many Times
Handbook | Missing You
Handbook | Charm (Psymun remix)
Tall Black Guy | Al Green's Dream (Travis In EFX Mode mix)

This show now available for streaming right here.

Happy 15th Anniversary Tru Thoughts! Still one of my favourite labels.
Also, check this compilation from Widad Records. Highly recommended!

04 November 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Sensi Sye | Breaking Day
Dream Koala | We Can't Be Friends (NeguimBeats remix)
R.O.M. | Want Me
PARTYNEXTDOOR | Persian Rugs (Joe Kay's Slowed edit)
Fearclub and Ashley Garcia | Your Eyes (Handbook remix)
Tigerblood | Without You
Stwo | Her (Majid Jordan edit)
Colombobeats | LAZO
Invention | Equip
Abhi // Dijon | Honest (starRo remix)
Ben Jamin' with ChoiceVaughan | Wonderlust
Computer Jay and Orfeo | Prototype (Andre3000 standard)
starRo | Seduction
Braiden Bailey | Promise
ILoveMakonnen | Tuesday (Flexenbaum x Kimoweh remix)
San Holo | Hiding (Broe Szyslack remix)
Darondo | Didn't I (Wayvee's Dusty edit)
Bassnectar with W. Darling | You and Me (Champagne Drip remix)
Jimny | Runaway
Madman Maher | I Live For Our Futures
Adi Dick | Nightbus
Sage The Gemini | Don't You (Joe Kay's Slowed edit)
Lambo and Doobious | Good Love
Dimond Saints | MidNight
Tkay Maidza with PACES | Switch Lanes
Sam Gellaitry | Venus Flytrap (Gustavs Strazdins remix)
Flying Lotus | All In (Cookie Monster Galaxy remix)
Ark Patrol | Sun
Unknown | I'm Sorry
Reggie B with Kevin Pierce | Orion (The Return)
The Emotions | Blind Alley (Altered Tapes remix)

Full show available for streaming right here.

29 October 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


C Y G N | Pyrmid
XED with Weaver Beats | Firm
Chloe Martini | Temptation
Soundpalette | The Underground
Vaperror | OpenME.up 2
Brogan Bentley | Smoke
Jacob 2-2 | Central and Mountain
Repeat Pattern | Half Of Half (Submerse remix)
DRIVE | Juices
Invention | Bluffs
El. Train | U Say 2 Me
Dexter Brandon | Nothing Left
Kimoweh | Smokin' Drankin'
Kimoweh | XXX (Baby, Come Back To Bed)
Handbook | Slow Moves (NeguimBeats remix)
Handbook | Intensify (Am I Real?)
Sola Rosa with Iva Lamkum | Turn Around (Alias remix)
Marvolus with DJ Premier | BAP
El Blanco Nino | Bells
Aurelius | The Bridge
Drake | Connect (Rooster Cogburn remix)
cln | Dayum
Little Dragon | Cat Rider (Poolside remix)
Niia x WKND | BTSTU (Don't Fvck With Me)
Atticus Beats with Woodes | Decisions (PACES remix)
Luster with Aywy | Telescope Thieves
Emufucka | Reflection
Losco | When
Night and Tickets | August Morning In My City
Versailles The Everything | Monday Mornings
Paymon G | Monday Mornings
Madlib with Talib Kweli and M.E.D. | Classic
Madvillain with Stacey Epps | Eye
J Rawls Presents The Liquid Crystal Project | A Tribute To Dilla

Full show now available for streaming right here.

16 October 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am, Thursdays on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Silo | Endless
R.O.M. | Gravity
Scolla with Skewby | Play It Cool
Philippe Edison | Persian (live)
Choosey with Fashawn and Ishe | Matters
Grooveman Spot | Promise
Maxx Baer | Caprisun (Grimm remix)
Joy Orbison | Wet Look
Alliv | Doubt
Captain Planet | Cicada
WKND | Days Of Happiness (premastered version)
Boston Rodriguez | 100 Voices In My Head
Harleighblu | Love Like This (Corsair remix)
L'homme Aux 4 Lettres | Bounce Beaucoup
Bassnectar and Jantsen with Fashawn and Zion I | Lost In The Crowd (LOCOJA remix)
Electric Wire Hustle | Light Goes A Long Way
Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath | Planet Caravan
The Celestics with Waldo | 173 (Pipo version)
Jonny Faith | Zheng
Stwo | Aura
Snowday | Walk Along These Rocks With Me
L'Orange with Red Pill | Entering The Silence
Nipsey Hussle with Dom Kennedy vs Jodeci | Don't Forget Us (Cookin Soul remix)
Dexter Brandon | Nothing Left
Eluhvated | Last Day Of Summer
Frameworks and Blurum13 | What You Gonna Do? (Frameworks remix)
The Stepkids | Memoirs Of Grey
Johnny Frigo | Spill The Wine

EXPANSIONS RADIO #5 available online for listening *anytime* right here.

09 October 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Maramza | Tearz
Neneh Cherry | Spit Three Times (Lee Bannon remix)
Able8 and U-Wish | Play
Melodiesinfonie | Wood
Tom Misch | On My Mind
Andrea | Tenderly
DrillDrill | 8 Ball
Colo | Ghana 95
Quantic | Cumbia Sobre El Mar (Dem-Buho edit)
J.Lately with Beejus and Ooops | Relax Yourself
Katrina Blackstone | No, No, No (You Don't Love Me) (DJ Vadim remix)
Point Point | Morning BJ
NeguimBeats | The Look Of Love
Ras G | Spaceship On Cruise Control
Harleighblu | Sittin' By The Window (Sware remix)
Budgie | If It Ain't Broke
Jarreau Vandal | Two Weeks
The Seshen | Unravel
Circula | Depth
Cakedog | Ow
Ssaliva | Matta
Ssaliva | Orbiter
Lost Midas with Audris | Head Games
Ronny Jordan | The Jackal
DameTheDrummer | Keep The FunK Alive (Ode To The Homie DF)
Soil N 'Pimp' Sessions | Funky Goldman (Moods edit)
DJ Vadim | Sweet Like A Lolly (Sax Version)
Guilty Simpson with Oh No | Rolled (inst.)
Philippe Edison | Fall
Guilty Simpson with Oh No | Look ALive (inst.)
Mo Kolours | Twelve

Expansions Radio #4 available for listening AND download right here.

02 October 2014


Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz

Expansions Radio online
Go to www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Lemon Jelly | Ramblin' Man (edit)
Boy In A Movie | Haunted
Moods | Flashback
Tommy Bass | Relax Your Mind
Principal Dean | Wine Tho
Wolf Myer Orchestra and Parov Stelar with Gabriella Hanninen | Flowers
Kid Loco | A Grand Love Theme
Brandy Shanice with Danny Watts | Volatile Harmony
Handbook | Babe We Goin' Round
Unknown | SuperChris
Black Sabbath | Planet Caravan (Poolside Rework)
Suzanne Vega | Tom's Diner (DJ Vadim remix)
Sebastian Tellier | Fingers Of Steel (Lazy Flow remix)
Groove Armada | Set Me Free (Balearic mix)
Downtown Party Network with Egle Sirvydyte | Space Me Out
Jarris with Casio McCombs | Just Fine
Route 94 with Jess Glynne | My Love (Oliver Nelson remix edit)
Al Velilla with Opolopo | Fearless
D'Angelo | Africa (J-Boogie edit)
French Kiwi Juice | Lying Together
PPP | Pigeon Hole
Grooveman Spot with Miwa | Dream On
The Cool Kids with Maxine Ashley | Summer Jam
Sean Haefeli | Vision Fibreoptics
Unknown | Manu
Unknown | Birdwatching
DJ Snatch | One Night At Yazoo
D'Angelo | Spanish Joint

Expansions Radio #3 available for listening AND downloading here.

25 September 2014


Some of you may vaguely be aware that Base FM is not the first radio station I've presented a radio show upon.

I made my humble beginnings waaay back upstairs in St. Kevin's Arcade, on Auckland's Karangahape Rd, with the mighty lil' KFM (still broadcasting on 106.9FM, though now from across the road in a much more salubrious surrounding), before picking up the Sunday noon set on George FM. I took over the from the legendary (and legendarily proud naturist) Darrell Aardvark, and settled there, playing every Sunday afternoon for many years; before growing disenchanted with the direction the station was taking under corporate ownership and jumping across to Radio Ponsonby. That short-lived, but brightly-burning station almost saw me give radio away, before an opportunity came to re-ignite my love for broadcasting at Base FM.

The George FM show was the first to be called 'In The Pocket', and the Radio Ponsonby show which saw the first use of the title 'Expansions'. When I started here at Base, I unthinkingly settled on the former, when the truth is, the music I enjoy playing on Base FM suits the latter...

For me, 'In The Pocket' was always about having a good time on a Sunday afternoon, and connecting with the right kind of relaxed, inclusive vibe that'd bring the most pleasure to the most people. On the other hand, 'Expansions' is more about pushing boundaries, taking people a little further than they're necessarily comfortable with, and just generally doing a little more exploring of our many musical soundscapes.

So, I guess this is the officially unofficial re-brand of my Base FM radio show, to:


The time stays the same. The day stays the same. The steez stays the same. One other small change, is that I'm going to begin posting these weekly radio shows on my MixCloud page. They'll be all-killer, no-filler; all music, no chatting; always available for listening, and with no time limits. I hope you enjoy the ride...

Expansions Radio with 90
10am Thursdays, on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
Streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz
Also available at www.mixcloud.com/nyntee


Sivey | Pillow Talk
Full Crate | Never Never
Lost Midas | Off The Course
Lost Midas | Off The Course (Captain Supernova Chariot mix)
Kratos Himself | Razor Leaves (Walrii remix)
Electric Wire Hustle | Look In The Sky
Electric Wire Hustle | Loveless
The Elder Statesman | Montreaux Sunrise (Tee Cardaci's Ipanema Sunrise remix)
The Stepkids | Lottery
Mr Scruff | So Long
Dam Funk | Inside Of U
Sinah with Phoenix Troy | Just OK (Deep Shoq edit)
Roni Size Reprazent | Heroes (Kruder and Dorfmeister remix)
H.F. | White Clouds (Day's Rhodes More Travelled edit)
Zikomo | Champion Riddim
Nightmares On Wax | Hear In Colour
Lyric Jones with Daniel Skyhigh McClain | Tall
Esta | Luna
Daktyl and Howie Lee | Marlena
Quantic with Nidia Gongora | Muavelo Negro (Werkha remix)
Lord Echo | Digital Haircut (dub)
Potatohead People | Blossoms (Nick Wisdom remix)
Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 | Freedom (Zombie Dance Parts 1 and 2)
Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 | Quiet Dawn Dub
Burial | Archangel (Kasbo remix)
Rocket Empire with Tatiana Alvarez | Bubbly
Hidden Orchestra | Wandering
Starship Connection | We Can Go All Night
7 Days Of Funk | Do My Thang

Available for streaming AND download right here.

23 September 2014

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 10: The Boogie Back

'The Boogie Back' is Vol. 10 in the 'Pocket Sized Mixtape' series, and it sees the selection narrowed to some funk and soul-filled, disco-flavoured boogie bangers that always make me shake what my momma gave me. And then some.

You can listen AND download from SoundCloud or MixCloud. If you're interested in a playlist, I suggest you head towards MixCloud...

Enjoy. And watch this space for Vol. 11 dropping soon...

18 September 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am, Thursdays on Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz


10A | The One
Unknown | Just Breath
Sleepingiant | Six
Roland Royce | Oasis
Neneh Cherry | Across The Water
Sunni | Temple (starRo remix)
Sam Gellaitry x Connor Pearson | The Seems
SFP with Trina and Tamara | My Love Is The Shhh (B.BRAVO remix)
Leena Conquest | Boundaries
Gramatik with Exmag | Obviously Instrumental
Reggie Watts | Wanna Get
The Roots and Tall Black Guy with Darondo | Silent Treatment (Chris Karns' Tasteful Blend)
Big Fkn Gun | Swanky 2.0
Steve Arrington and Dam Funk | Magnificent
Grooveman Spot with Miss Jack Davey | What We Do
Joe Dukie and DJ Fitchie | Midnight Marauders (unknown remix)
The Rebirth | Walk Talkin' Mizell (Until We Meet Again)
Floating Points Ensemble | Post Suite
Floating Points | Love Me Like This
Moon Boots | Got Something
Reeno | Eternal Wisdom
Insightful | Moth Mother
Jarreau Vandal | Essence
Tony Starxx, Sean Vee and Christopher Killumbus | Maui Wowie
Ernst Arno | Outlines
Leygo | Pick Up

Available for streaming AND download here.

11 September 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 "NZ Soul All Dayer Special" on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz

"NZ Soul All Dayer Special"

Keni Burke | Risin' To The Top (Nyntee's 'Keep On Risin'' edit)
Sunfire | Young, Free and Single
Bobby Caldwell | What You Won't Do For Love (Dave Allison's 'Doin' It For The Love' edit)
The Blackbyrds | The Runaway
Angie Stone | Slippery Shoes (Blazing Encore's Sunday Groove edit)
Me & You | Love In Be We Must
Stevie Wonder | Golden Lady (Scrimshire edit)
Am Fm | You Are The One
Loose Ends | Gonna Make You Mind
Aurra | You And Me Tonight
Glenn Jones | Finesse
Change | You Are My Melody (Fat Albert's NZ Soul All Dayer edit)
Touche | Wrap It Up
Skipworth and Turner | Thinking About Your Love (Koko re-edit)
Esther Williams | I'll Be Your Pleasure
Euro Funk | Dynomite
Windjammer | Tossing and Turning
Bloodstone | My Love Grows Stronger
Klique | I Can't Shake This Feeling
Asphalt Jungle | Freakin' Time (Pt. 1)
Ivy | It Must Be Magic

01 September 2014

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 9: So Fruity, So Funky

The final instalment of the 'Fruity and Funky' trio in the 'Pocket Sized Mixtapes' series (gangster) leans heavily back into the funky side of fruity - while remaining with one (good) foot on the fruity side of funky, of course.

No more blow and blather, just get on and wrap your laughing gear 'round these coconuts, on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. (Ps. the tracklist is on Mixcloud...)

The next trio of mixtapes take the funk in an entirely different direction, so watch this space for Vol. 10...

28 August 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Orca | Rust
JMSN | The One (StarRo remix)
Dailon | Clubs
Jordan Rakei | My Time
RXN | Affinity
Mikos Da Gawd | What Would I Do?
Tony Starxx, Sean Vee and Christopher Killumbus | ATL Funk
Brock Berrigan | The Good Times
LAKIM | Rent4
Wes Pendleton | Be Alright
Iman Europe | Hold On We're Going Home (Jarreau Vandal remix)
Unknown | Seduction
Giorgio Oehlers | Clap
Madlib | New Days (Abjo refix)
The Midnight Trips | Never Far
Miles Bonny x Ta-Ku | Down To Earth Club Music
Losco | BDC
Wrongtom Meets Deemus J | Old Time Stylee
Prince Fatty Meets Nostalgia 77 | Medicine Chest Dub
Lea Lea with Horace Andy and Serocee | The Road (DJ Vadim remix)
Sola Rosa with Kevin Mark Trail | Both Of Us
DJ Vadim with Kathrin deBoer | Black Is The Night
Panama Cardoon | Bosporous Thief
Midnight Star | Curious (JackLNDN remix)
Brandy | I Wanna Be Down (LeMarquis remix)
J-Louis | Can't You See
Tony Allen | Alutere
Blowfly | Blowfly's New Year's Party (Sleazy McQueen edit)
Jackson B | I Said I Loved You
Galimatias | Marshmallow Grove (Elenne remix)
Micronism | An Unfulfilled Wish
Vanessa Freeman | Dawning Of A New Day
Tony Ansell | Softly As In A Morning Sunrise

LIVE: NZ Soul All Dayer Spring '14



21 August 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz


Duffstep | Tired
Submotion Orchestra | 2L84U
Curtis Mayfield | Billy Jack (Chip Chabralle's Blissed Up Work Out)
Unknown | Deep Keys (nw)
Gazeebo | Mango Moon
Bobby Caldwell | What You Won't Do For Love (Dave Allison's Doin' It For The Love edit)
FKJ | Instant Need
Tom Misch | South East
Little Dragon | No Love
Diverse | Jus' Biz
Mikos Da Gawd | To The Top
Slow Hands | Rhabarbarum
GrooveU and Room4Spare | See U Again
Sixth Avenue Express | The Shame
Bear Feet | Feelin' Lucky
La Royale | The Crush
Le Youth | Dance With Me
The Treatment | We're Getting Stronger
Duff Disco | Just In Time
French Kiwi Juice | So Much To Me
Maribou State | Scarlett Groove
J-Louis | Ekolu
Monitor 66 | Ambient Blackbird
Dam-Funk | Hood Pass Intact

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 8: Mo' Fruity, Mo' Funky

'A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 8' pushes the FRUIT and the FUNK to levels seldom seen before in the series. From South America, to Africa, to Indonesia and to Aotearoa, via the US, Spain and France, this mix is designed for maximum fruity pleasure - imagine yourself on a beautiful sandy beach in a secluded cove, quite probably nude, surrounded by like-minded others with this soundtrack seeping into your bones... Mo' Fruity, Mo' Funky indeed.

Listen and download on Soundcloud, or Mixcloud.
(ps. track listing is on the Mixcloud page...)

 As is my way, the 'Pocket Sized Mixtape' series are grouped into lil' arrangements of three - and completing this fruity, funky menage-a-trois is 'Vol. 9', coming very soon...

07 August 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursday, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Ryan Hemsworth with UV Boi | Gods
The Code | 9.46
Pomo | Only You
Chief | Count In
Nikolaj Grandjean | The First Picture (Sander Moller bootleg)
Mars Today | The F In Sexy
Chet Faker | I'm Into You (Atlas Bound rework)
Adi Dick | Nightbus
Unknown | Sparkling
Giorgio Oehlers | Cursing In Church
D-Ryde Productions with Damon Reel | LuVn U
Kendrik Lamar | ADHD (WigZen revision)
Maya Jane Coles | Dreamer
Jazzanova with Ursula Rucker | Keep Falling (Forss remix)
Lakim | Future Bounce
Matt Corby | Brother (Kygo remix)
Ogiyy | Hot 4 U
Chris McLenney | With You
Beem | Muni
Full Crate | Falling Off
The Super 3 | When You're Standing On The Top (DJ Day edit)
Gabriel Garzon-Montana | Everything Is Everything (Birthday Boy edit)
Theo Parrish | So Now What
Titeknots | All Talk
Unhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ktEf6Yh9kYknown | Do For The Love Of Us
Anita Baker | Rapture (King Most redirection)
J Rawls Presents The Liquid Crystal Project | The D. E. Effect

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 7: Fruity and Funky

Volume Seven in the 'A Pocket Sized Mixtape' series veers far, far away from the 'laxed out vibes of the previous trio of mixtapes. However, the riches to be found within this collection are most definitely represented accurately in the title - all the tracks found here are indeed both FRUITY and FUNKY. So shed your inhibitions and get with the party.

Free streaming AND downloads below...

Soundcloud | Mixcloud

Don't say I never do anything for you.

31 July 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Disclosure | Latch (The Melker Project remix)
Giorgio Oehlers | I Rise
SoreK | Old' Up
Jhelisa | Friendly Pressure
Soulstice | The Reason (DJ Spinna remix)
Marvolus with Illusion The Reviverr | Do It For NY
Sade | Nothing Can Come Between Us (Pomo edit)
Marvin Gaye x Cole Medina | What It Is Goin' On
Maxwell | Ascension (aywy and ShemQuestionMark remix)
Bobby Rush | Chicken Heads (Society Of Mind's Deconstructed mix)
Caserta | The Way That You Do It
Wale | Lovehate Thing (Sammy Bananas remix)
Planet Funk | Chase The Sun (Drop Out Orchestra edit)
Jamiroquai | Tonight's The Night
Haywyre | Smooth Criminal
Jack Dixon | Coconuts
Blackbird Blackbird | Waikiki
The Pool | Jamaica Running (Poolside edit)
Earth, Wind and Fire | Evil
The Beastie Boys | Son Of Neckbone
Tortoise | TNT
Nickodemus | Boneman Connection
Hepcat | Rudies All Around
Zap Pow | Lottery Spin
The Dynamics | La Poupee Qui Fait Non
Cornerstone Roots | Miracles

28 July 2014

Five Albums #2: Murry Sweetpants

It just made sense for me ol' mate Murry Sweetpants to contribute #2 in the 'Five Albums' series.

I've been mucking around the fringes of Murry's life for some years now; as Trusted Friends we've put on shows in New Zealand featuring Roy Ayers, Norman Jay, Alice Russell, Crazy P and others; we've both been involved in Radio Ponsonby, George FM and now Base FM; and we've DJed together more times than we care to count.

Murry's one of life's good guys, and it's a great pleasure to be considered a friend.

As for his taste in music? Well, I'll leave that up for you to decide...

Murry Sweetpants
Five Albums: I Can't Get Enough Of Right Now

Shit Robot
We Got A Love

Sketchy name - killer tunes. Back in 2000 an Irishman named Marcus Lambkin teamed up to DJ with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem. Not a bad guy to have on your side. This is the follow up album to 2010's From The Cradle To The Rave, and falling in with the DFA crew means having people like Nancy Whang at your disposal. Chuck in Reggie Watts as a guest on a couple of tracks too - can't lose.

If this girds your loins, be sure to check out the new Hercules and Love Affair album too!

Fave track: 'Do That Dance'

Z Records Presents
Ibiza 2014
Various Artists

I'm not sure if you've heard or not, but during June/July I made somewhat of a pilgrimage to DJ Mecca, the 'White Isle' of Ibiza. I'd been warned that it would blow my mind, however it was beyond expectation - it's like another planet, a planet filled with sunshine, sweet tunes and smiles. You simply must go once in your life.

Dave Lee's Z Records have compiled a bloody beautiful aural slice of Mediterranean life for their summer season. If you're a fan of the many incarnations of "Joey Negro", there's plenty of options outta the twenty-two tracks on this compilation. We're a long way from thirty degrees and bikinis in the club here in wintry ol' NZ, so turning this up nice n' loud while in front of an open fire in your undies is about as good as it's gonna get in this 'hood.

Fave track: Kiko Navarro and DJ Fudge 'So Tight'

Horse Meat Disco IV
Various Artists 

Can't deny them homos know how to have a good time - the legendary Sunday night party has been going strong for nigh on ten years in London and that Disco sound has re-spread like a virus across the world - it's been a two year wait since the last Horse Meat Disco comp and this one is more fruity than ever before. The HMD collective consists of DJs/producers James Hilliard, Severino, Jim Stanton and Luke Howard, and their bio states they are dedicated to the industry of human happiness - more of this in the world right now thanks.

Fave track: L'Amour with Krystal 'Let's Make Love Tonight'

Nightmares On Wax
N.O.W. Is The Time

Twenty-five years is a really long time to do anything - let alone absolutely killer tunes over and over again. This is a best of collection from George Evelyn aka DJ Ease - and it's all killer, no filler. I saw the beautifully packaged wax box set briefly at Real Groovy before it was snaffled away by a member of the staff who shall remain un-named. Damn him for getting the jump on me. Order one if you can.

Fave track: can't be done - too many gems.

White Women

Canadians! Funky, funky Canadians. A few years back Dave1 and P-Thugg played R&V. The live set was as awesome as I figured they would be and the latest offering from these guys has been well worth the wait. I love that as well as infectiously groovy beats, the lyrics across the album are a bit cheeky and naughty too. Lotsa collaborations with interesting cats like Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig and Toro Y Moi as well.

Further confirmation of the fact these guys are a little out of the ordinary: they unveiled the cover art and release date for the album via a missed connections ad on Craigslist on Valentines Day.

Check out the choice video clip for 'Come Alive' if you remember that flick Mannequin from back in 1987. Also worth a look is the Chromeo edition of the DJ Kicks! compilation series. Superb.

Fave track: 'Over Your Shoulder'

24 July 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
Streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Chilicago & X-Or | Into U
Unknown | I'm Sorry
Adi Dick | Morning Bird
Sunni | Temple (StarRo remix)
Esta | Lexo
James Blake | Limit To Your Love (Amin Payne remix)
Soosh | Too Soon (fLako remix)
Tom Misch | Memory
Jesse Jahmal with Stacey Gardiner | This City
Body Language | Love Life
Polographia | Righteous Hit
The Nomad | Sound Brace
Tom Misch | You Got Me Flying
Dub Club | Beware Dub
Norma White and Brentford Disco Set | I Want Your Love (Hober Mallow edit)
One Blood | Be Thankful (Leftside Wobble 12 Minute Rewind)
Originais Do Samba | Falador Passa (Mal Bosq rework)
Ozomatli | Donde Se Fueron?
Big Bang with Rasiyah | To The Full Every Minute
Visioneers | Come And Play In The Milky Night
Lizzy Parks | Forever And A Day (Eric Lau remix)
Eric Lau with Rahel | Here
Es-K | Watermelon Man
Pierre Citron | Ca Te Regarde Si Je Te Regarde
Ruck P | The Keys
Erykah Badu | Love Of My Life (Kaytradamus remix)

21 July 2014

July Top 5: Kinda Lesser-Known Covers Of Really Well Known Songs

July Top 5: Kinda Lesser-Known Covers Of Really Well Known Songs

Thought I'd kick off a monthly Top 5 list with one I've borrowed from the last issue of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine (published to coincide with the NZ Soul All Dayer events).

The title of the Top 5 is pretty self-explanatory. Pictured above is Noelle Scaggs. Hello.

1. Willis - Word Up
So the story goes: 18yr old Willis was working in a music store in London when she recorded her version of the Cameo mega-hit and began selling it to punters from under the counter. Genius. What's even more genius is her re-imagining of the track; completely stripping back the squelch and theump of the original, and leaving the bare bones of her haunting voice accompanied by just a laconically funky guitar. Remarkably powerful.
Nb. Came to my attention via the exellent Rewind! LP series on Ubiquity. There are so many good versions on these compilations they're an embarrassment of riches.
2. Seu Jorge and Almaz - Everybody Loves The Sunshine
The Brazilian legend takes the already super mellow Roy Ayers staple and slides it down another couple of notches, with a reading that couldn't get any further laidback without falling over. Sure, the instrumentation is beautiful, though with a strangely menacing undercurrent running through, but that voice; oh, that voice! The man could read the phonebook and it'd sound like sex.
3. The Lions featuring Noelle Scaggs - Think (About It)
There are so many storming versions of this Lyn Collins/James Brown-penned track that this inclusion will no doubt raise the hackles of some (at least, I hope so). The Lions are an L.A. super-group of sorts, and the track is taken from their reggae-soaked Jungle Struttin' LP (Ubiquity, 2008). The album standout, with the wonderful Noelle Scaggs capturing the spirit of the Lyn Collins original while taking a hard left turn stylistically.
4. Lyn Collins - Ain't No Sunshine
From the fruit to the root: a version that is closer to the original than the other tracks on this list, but an absolutely scorching vocal from Lyn Collins means it more than earns its' spot. With her voice on the verge of cracking at points, the power and emotion Collins imbues into the Bill Withers written heart-string tugger is raw and real. From the excellent Think (About It) LP (People, 1972).
5. Yesterday's New Quintet - Golden Lady
Yesterday's New Quintet is one of uber-prolific L.A. produer Madlib aka Otis Jackson Jr's (many!) pseudonyms, and Golden Lady is taken from his Stevie LP (Stones Throw, 2004). Madlib goes deep on his all instrumental tribute to Wonder, playing everything himself, on what is a cracking album of seriously loose-limbed, broken-down, raggedy-ass funk.

(* this excerpt taken from Issue #4 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine. You can read the whole issue, and the back issues, here.)

The NZ Soul All Dayer blog is here.

And while we're at it, go and 'like' the NZ Soul All Dayer facebook page here, won't you?

03 July 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
Streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Silver Man | Strike 3
Pusher | Feel U
Panama Cardoon | Bosporous Thief
RXN | Ioma
INF with Smokey | Windows
Linn and Freddie | Live 4 Love
Sun Ra and His Arkestra | India (Mop Mop rework)
Unknown | Faixa
Setenta | Funky Tumbao
UFe | Danza Negra
Derobe Dance Band | Kem Dahg
Gazeebo | Dirty Jazzy Jointz
Southside Break Crew | Freshest Jam
Falqo | Feel Your Love
Drumagick | Sunday Morning
Peshay | Seville
Anchorsong | Before The Apple Falls
Philippe Edison | G.P.
Go Yama | Do The Astral Plane (Guitar Go Yama remake)
J-Rocc | Stay Fresh
Madvillain | Bistro
Bobby Caldwell | What You Won't Do For Love (Dave Allison 'Doin' It For The Love' edit)
Manhattan Transfer | Night In Tunisia (Scrimshire edit)
Sard Boogie | Sweeter 'Lil Thang
Ann Warren | Take Me In Your Arms (DJ Chairman and DJ 'S' Zing String remix)
Reggie Blount | Why Do You Call Me Baby?
Gill Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson | Madison Avenue

30 June 2014

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 6: Midnight Feast

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 6: Midnight Feast

The sixth in the 'A Pocket Sized Mixtape' series is called "Midnight Feast", which also draws to a close a trio of mixtapes designed with loving in mind. It goes without saying what time of day this volume is recommended for...

Listen to AND download APSMV6: Midnight Feast here.

Volume 7 is already in the pipeline, so watch this space...

Playlist: Live at Real Groovy Auckland

This is me getting my grin on while spinning a few slices of vinyl for the punters at Real Groovy Auckland. Thanks to all the folks at Groovy for their hospitality! It was a blast. Below are the songs I played...

Suite For Ma Dukes | Find A Way
Jamiroquai | Half The Man
Ned Doheny | Get It Up For Love
Willis | Word Up
7 Samurai | Marlies and Marcus
Sugar Minott | Give The People What They Want
The Congoes | Fisherman
Peter Tosh | Ketchy Shuby
House Shoes | The Makings
Hearin' Aid with Tony Clifton | Higher
Breakage with Roots Manuva | Run 'Em Out
Starkey with Anneka | Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix)
James Pants | Crystal Lite
Kidboy with Blurum13 | A Moment To Think
People Under The Stairs | Tuxedo Rap
Common with Joy Denalane | Go! (Jazzanova remix)
Omar | I Love Being With You
Aloe Blacc | Patria Mia
Julian Y Su Combo | Enyere Kumbara
Lady | Money
Open Sky Unit | Sunshine Star
L.A. Carnival | Blind Man
Darondo | Legs
Windjammer | Tossing and Turning
Huba | My Sweet Beef Is My Song (Sing A Soulful Song)
Mayer Hawthorne | Maybe So, Maybe No
Osunlade | Crazy You
Me&You | Brown Paper Bag

100% Vinyl

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 5: Afternoon Delight

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 5: Afternoon Delight

Volume 5 in the 'A Pocket Sized Mixtape' series is also the second in a series of mixtapes designed with loving in mind. "Afternoon Delight" is a journey through the kinds of songs which suit exactly that; so wrap yourselves in yourselves and enjoy the music as you commune in the afternoon sunshine...

Listen AND download APSMV5: Afternoon Delight here.

Volume 6 will follow later this week...

26 June 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
Streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz


Unknown | Oasis
IAMNOBODI x Usher | Nice and Slow (Duncan Gerow edit)
Tinashe x Cazz Major | Days In The West (Cazz Major edit)
Peppery | Mama Used To Say
The Slow Waves with Hannah Joy Habte | Last and Found
Lost Midas with Taylor O' - Love Undone
Harleighblu | This Way Love (Astro Raw remix)
Bailey Wiley with Raiza Biza | IXL
Cherie Mathieson | 88 Days
Mos Def | Travellin' Man (Drew's Theory remix)
Sola Rosa with LA Mitchell | Real Life (Azaxx remix)
Q-Tip x Trus' Me | Work It Brown (Nirobi remix)
Shi Wisdom with KJ | LoveSpeak (Kutcorners & Big Jacks remix)
Sean Haefeli | Vision Fibreoptics
Ugly Duckling | A Little Samba (Leftside Wobble edit)
Robert Palmer | Work To make It Work (JMRS edit)
Mark de Clive-Lowe with Nia Andrews | Hooligan
Lady | Money
Duan & Only | Gold and Honey
Wrongtom Meets Deemus J | Superteng
Tehbis | So Much
Jazzmine | Repeat
Zed Bias with Falty DL | Lucid Dreams
Kalbata with Clapper Priest | SUS
Sebastien Dutch with Max | Raindance (Wakasa)
Bearcubs x Tom Misch | Colours Of Freedom
La Royale | The Crush

24 June 2014

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 4: Morning Glory

A Pocket Sized Mixtape Vol. 4: "Morning Glory"

The first in a new trio of mixtapes lands with "Morning Glory", volume 4 in the 'A Pocket Sized Mixtape' series. As the name suggests, this one is for the lovers - indeed, this trio of mixtapes are all designed with earthly pleasures in mind... so press play and love the one you're with.

Listen AND download APSMV4: "Morning Glory" here.

Volume 5 will follow next week...

19 June 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays, Base FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
Streaming live on www.basefm.co.nz


Thundercat | For Love I Come
Computer Jay and Orfeo | Prototype (Andre 3000 Standard)
Bondax | All Inside
Sola Rosa with L.A. Mitchell | Love Lost (Loveless) (Jay Knight remix)
Diatonic | Foreshore
Lost Midas with Audris | Head Games
The Stepkids | Fading Star
Yahtzel | Girls
Unknown | Da Man Of Decision
Amin Payne | Mystical Minds
Peshay | Daydreaming
King Kooba | California Suite
The Clifford Gilberto Rhythm Combination | Restless
Handbook | Obrigado
Aaron Jerome with Andreya Triana | Brighter Days
People Under The Stairs | Yo
Owusu and Hannibal | Blue Jay
Tom Misch | Moving Faster
Hudson Mohawke | FUSE
Burial | Archangel
Lava Lava | Afterlife
New Loungehead with Sulata | Cloth
Micronism | First Reflections
Blackbird Blackbird | Treehouse
Soulpersona | Loves So Far Away (Donald Byrd Tribute)
Radiohead | Reckoner (Leftside Wobble Off-World Excursion)
Frenic | Lazy Sunday Stereo

12 June 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays BASE FM
107.3FM | Freeview CH71 | Tune In App
And streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Unknown | Vibesin'
Evil Needle with Sivey | Rendez-Vous (Joe Kay's Slowed edit)
H.F. - White Clouds (Day's Rhodes More Travelled edit)
Melodiesinfonie | Sunshine Is Gone
Frenic | Money Ain't No Women
Just OK with Phoenix Troy | Sinah (Deep Shoq edit)
Mo Kolours | Little Brown Dog
Fouma System | Xamal Sa Bopp
Gramatik with Exmag | Obviously Instrumental
Reggie B with Leonard D'Stroy and Hevi | Addictive
Jill Scott x Kool and The Gang | Whatever (Summer Madness edit)
Oakley 'O.G.' Grenell with Stauny Pops and JDouble | Happenin'
Galt and Roisin Murphy | Cold Truth (Alkalino rework)
Syl Johnson | Different Strokes (re-edit)
Bill Withers | It Ain't Because Of Me Baby (Gazeebo edit)
Esther Williams | I'll Be Your Pleasure
Kenny Doss | Sugar
Minnie Riperton | Reasons
Platinum Pied Pipers | On A Cloud
Sola Rosa with Noah Slee | Can We Get It Together
Quantic Y Anita Tijoux with Iara Renno | Doo Wop (That Thing)
Os Originals Do Samba | Tena Fe, Pois Amanha Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer (George T edit)
Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura Band | Aqurarela Do Brasil (Mark E Version 2)
Caribou | Sun (Suonho's Vintage Sun-Rays)
Quivver with Angel Hart | Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent
Dino Ross | Let Me Be Your Soul
French Kiwi Juice | So Much To Me
JackLNDN | Drop Out

10 June 2014

LIVE: Expansions | Fri 4 July

It's All Good Presents
A Night Of Wide Vibes
Jay Jeffrey
From 8pm
Friday 4th July
No Door - Bring Yr Smile

Facebook page here.

IF YOU LOVE... Real vinyl records played by and listened to with real people.
IF YOU LOVE... To hear a diverse range of soulful musical styles in one evening.
IF YOU LOVE... Your DJs to play fresh and exciting sounds, both old and new.
IF YOU LOVE... To smile and laugh with friends while you dance your ass off.

We've got you covered. So come get wide with an open mind...

05 June 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays BASE FM
107.3FM / Freeview CH71 / Tune In App
Streaming live at www.basefm.co.nz


Tony Ansell | Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
Mark de Clive-Lowe with Nia Andrews | Hollow
Louie Vega | Jungle Fever
Quantic with Iara Renno | Caruru
Ceu | Concrete Jungle
Gecko Turner | Un Limon en la Cabeza
The Spanish Harlem Orchestra | Llego La Banda
Leon Ware | Nights In Brazil
Chico Mann | Mayombe
Lucho Burmudez Y Su Orquesta | Fiesta de Negritos (George T edit)
S Strong | Return Of The Mambo
Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen | Against The Wall
Onra | Relax In Mui Ne
Aim | Just Passin' Through
Cee-Roo | Make It Funky
Pleasure | Let's Dance (The Reflex edit)
Bo Saris | She's On Fire (Unknown edit)
Jamiroquai | Too Young To Die (Wilsoni's Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die re-work)
Starship Connection | We Can Go All Night
French Kiwi Juice | Lying Together
Finley Quaye | Even After All
Unity Pacific | Are You Strong?
Anthony Valadez with Miles Bonny | Searching For (Adi Dick remix)
Eric Lau with Rahel | Here
Tom Misch | The Journey
Duff Disco | A Tribute To Barry
Al Green with John Legend | Stay With Me (Max Kane Slump)

Music: From Me To You

MUSIC: From Me To You... For Free...

Over on the left hand side of this blog is a lil' list of interesting tidbits, time-consuming procrastinators and shenanigan-inducing behavioural suggestions. Among them are a bunch of mixtapes I've lovingly assembled - the 'A Pocket Sized Mixtape' series.

Currently there are three volumes available for download, from either Soundcloud or Mixcloud...

Vol. 1: In The Pocket / Workinonit   ( sound / mix )
Vol. 2: Lazy Hazy Days   ( sound / mix )
Vol. 3: Through The Clouds   ( sound / mix )

Oh, and I've another trilogy of sorts ready to load up, so it might well be worth checking back there every now and then. If you like the music, that is...

I reckon you just might.

29 May 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays NZT
Freeview CH71
Tuned In App


Isaac Hayes | That Loving Feeling
7 Samurai | Marlies and Marcus
Recloose with Joe Dukie | Deeper Waters (Frost and Wagner remix)
Tosca | Chocolate Elvis (Boozoo Bajou Soul Searcher dub)
D'Angelo | Spanish Joint
Jill Scott | Gettin' In The Way
DJ Day x Miles Bonny | Skyy Can You Feel Me
Me&You | Brown Paper Bag
Eru Dangerspiel | Coq Au Vin
Ricketts Meets Fabulous | Loo Loo
Upper Hutt Posse | E Tu
Downtown Brown | Mr Brown
Madvillain | America's Most Blunted
Kenn Starr, Asheru and Talib Kweli | If
Amp Fiddler | Freakin'
Maze | Southern Girl
Crackin' | Feel Alright
Brick | Dazz
Imagination | Streetmix (Disconet edit)
Afrodisiac Soundsystem | Gwen Guthrie vs Tony Allen
Dizzy Gillespie | Alligator
Aloe Blacc | Bailar (Scene 1)
Raphael Saadiq | Faithful

27 May 2014

It's Official: Back On Radio

In The Pocket with 90
10am Thursdays
Base FM

Freeview CH71

22 May 2014

Playlist: In The Pocket with 90 on Base FM

Base FM

Rocket Juice and The Moon with Erykah Badu | Manuela
House Shoes | The Makings
Starkey with Anneka | Stars
Breakage with Roots Manuva | Run 'Em Out
James Pants | Crystal Lite
Andras | Soft Illusion
Major Swellings | Pole Vaulter's Delight
Kompleks | Space Talk
Kidboy with Blurum13 | A Moment To Think
Eva Be with David Ben-Porat | Trippin' On Eva B
Platinum Pied Pipers | Pigeon Hole
Choklate with Chali2na | Waitin'
Hearin' Aid with Tony Clifton | Higher
Pacific Heights with Jdubs, Aeries and Ladi6 | Dreaming
Me&You | Love In Be Must We
The Cool Kids | Mikey Rocks
Gil Scott-Heron | New York Is Killing Me
The Stepkids | Sweet Salvation
Krystal Klear | Tried For Your Love
Claws For? | Colour Theory
Assembly Line | Cosmic Ballad
Dam-Funk | Burgundy City
Barkin' Soul with Morgane | C'est La Foute A
Bukky Leo and Black Egypt | Skeleton
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno | Portada Del Mar
Cal Tjader | Soul Burst

13 May 2014

Five Albums #1: Nyntee

It's been quite some time since I've actively updated this page. I blame summer. And my desire to spend as much time outdoors during it as possible. As the air gets a little cooler and the days a little shorter, I find I have much more time to burn online. So, let's get cracking!

This is the first in an ongoing series I'm calling 'Five Albums'. The drill is simple: each time a special guest will select five albums which mean something to them. Could be their favourites of all time, or albums which led the writer to discover even greater musical riches, or an album cover, or a dearly-held memory which listening to the album conjures up again. It's a fairly loose brief that will, I hope, inspire some slightly unexpected selections, rather than a bunch of rare shit designed to impress the reader. And because this ain't a democracy - it's a blog - I reckon I'll get the ball rolling.

David 'Nyntee' Carroll

As I mentioned in the introduction, the brief for 'Five Albums' is loose - just how I like my pants. I've decided to run with five albums which hold very fond memories of my youth. None of these will be unknown to you, as that's really not the point. These albums may well mean something to you too. If not; if you read this list and think 'What a crock of mushy old shit!', well, get down off your high horse and learn how to have fun again, will you?!

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik

I only recenrly began listening again to Blood Sugar Sex Magik, possibly for the first time in more than ten years. Yet, as soon as the first notes of opening track The Power Of Equality drop, I'm magically transported straight back to my fifteen year old self trying to duplicate Chad Smith's drumming while jamming with my equally frenetic friends in the Waihi College music rooms. As you can imagine, at that age we were brimming with enthusiasm/piss and vinegar, and the sheer breakneck thrill of this seriously funky music was nothing short of intoxicating. (Hell, if George Clinton can get down with the Chilis, then y'all need to get yo' thumbs outta yo' butts!) As a drummer, I wanted to play like Smith. The interplay of the now-comfrotably-bedded-into-the-band guitarist John Frusciante and legendary bass player Flea was like little else I'd heard at that point. However, if I was tripping out over the music, Anthony Kiedis' lyrics blew my mind. Here was this guy not just singing about sex, but with multiple women and in graphic detail. The track Sir Psycho Sexy has a verse about a female traffic cop who pulled the protagonist over on an L.A. freeway, and exactly what he did to her over the bonnet of her own patrol car. At fifteen, I was gobsmacked. I was certainly aroused. And I was converted. I wanted to be in this band. Now? Well, maybe not so much, but I still love this album, not least because it reeks of youthful enthusiasm and speaks of a world almost any fifteen year old male would give his left nut to inhabit.


Michael Franti has had some history. Some will recall the Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy and their particular brand of politicism, but it was his debut album under the Spearhead name which is most often found in my CD player. And I don't mean in comparison to the Disposable Heroes, I mean more or less in general. Funky, loose-limbed, live instrumentation snakes throughout the album, allied to a more lyrically laidback Franti as he laconically drawls his way through songs about his favourite historical figures re-imagined as an all-star basketball team, and what he would do if he discovered he was HIV positive. There are moments of strong socio-political commentary (probably more socio- than political, mind you), but as a general rule there are more smile-inducing moments than calls to arms. While Franti went on to record more albums in a similar style under the Spearhead brand, I love this album as it recaptures the spirit of many, many youthful summers.

Shuggie Otis
Inspiration Information

I really can't recall the first time I heard Shuggie Otis, but little else I've heard since has made me as happy, so effortlessly. I think Sparkle City may well be my favourite song *ever* but in terms of a 1-2-3 opening salvo, there aren't too many albums which carry the heavyweight currency Inspiration Information does. Child prodigy Shuggie (son of famed R&B bandleader Johnny Otis) recorded this album - his second - over the course of three years, and it was released in 1974. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to state that it sounds as fresh today as it did forty years ago. And pretty much the whole thing was written, arranged, produced and recorded by a teenaged Shuggie. It's devastatingly clever musically, remarkably accessible and righteously funky. Besides all of that, the album also tore Sly Stone a new one, gave the Brothers Johnson their best-known single (Strawberry Letter 23) and pre-dated the stylistic totalitarianism of the likes of Prince by more than a decade. Listening to it now, you can hear the craftmanship, the engaging experimentalism, the love and the care that has been taken with the song writing and arrangement; hark! It is pop music! But nothing like the pop music we're exposed to nowadays. We should be so lucky. An so should've he. Shuggie Otis is one cat who never got his proper dues. If you don't own this album, you should remedy the situation immediately. Seriously.

Nb. Yes, I'm aware I've used the cover from the Luaka Bop re-issue of Inspiration Information rather than the original, but this is the version I found first, so it means the most to me.

Miles Davis
Kind Of Blue

I've lost track of how many times I have bought this album: as a gift for friends and for myself; on vinyl and on CD; here in New Zealand and in both London (Intoxica, in the Portobello Road, no less) and Edinburgh while doing the classic Kiwi OE. Except on my OE, I could not be without a copy of Kind Of Blue. Now regarded as the best-selling jazz album of all time and described variously as "a defining moment of twentieth century history" and as a "cornerstone of any jazz collection", it's hardly a nerdy collector type choice to ake for this column. Do I give a fuck? Nope. I love this album. It's another of those albums whose opening notes - in this case, a handful of piano chords from Bill Evans before the supremely magical, floating bass of Ron Carter ushers in the sublime So What? - stir all of the golden memories of the music, the places where I heard the music and the people I was with when I heard the music. Proper music is that powerful. And Miles Davis is still one of the coolest motherfuckers to walk the planet.

Nb. I recall reading a story about the infamous producer and arranger David Axelrod meeting Miles Davis, at some point during the 1970s. Axelrod (a recovering alcoholic at the time) was introduced to Davis, who promptly handed him an almost-empty, lukewarm glass of beer. Then, when Axelrod was facing a third person in the group, Davis punched him hard in the stomach and left the room.

I Should Coco

By 1995 the young D.L. Carroll (you didn't really think my middle name was Nyntee, did you?) was a bloody rock n' roll hooligan, playing drums in a band with a group of young men who really should've known better. A few years out of school, a few years into university and living in the big smoke of Auckland city, and then I stumbled onto I Should Coco. Fuck me. Changed my life. It was like discovering The Buzzcocks, The Kinks and Supertramp all rolled into one three-piece band of teenage dirtbag punks. The energy, the willingness and the swagger was compelling, and while musically they weren't re-inventing the wheel, they were clearly having an incredible time smashing the shit out of their instruments, their voices - and their songs. I guess having played in a three-piece band and in a roughly similar style, my love for the album at the time was a purely personal (read: selfish) matter. But then, isn't that exactly what love is? Too much music I hear these days has had all the passion and the fun sterilised out of it, for whatever reason. I Should Coco is youthful enthusiasm times ten, and an impressive debut album by any measure.

And then yesterday I discovered an old battered copy of Dookie by Greenday in the glovebox compartment of my car, slipped it into the CD player and... oh shit, here we go again with the reminiscing about my (only slightly) mis-spent youth...

07 May 2014

Soultearoa Shakedown Issue #4

Issue #4 of the Soultearoa Shakedown fanzine is available online for your perusal here.

The 'zine is published to coincide with the (roughly) quarterly NZ Soul All Dayer events. This issue features contributions from everyone involved in the April 2014 event at the Golden Dawn - and a whole lot of really cool stuff from all sorts of other folks as well.

The NZ Soul All Dayer blog can be found here. And you should make the effort, I reckonwww.thenzsoulalldayer.blogspot.com.